More support for Unity3D devs/converts.

Outside of the wiki, which is helpful, no doubt, there’s a considerable learning curve going from Unity3D to UE4.

Unity3D is getting a HUGE following. Every game jam I get to it’s the most used tool by a wide margin. Even at indie showcases almost is using Unity3D. A large portion of that community will no doubt hear about UE4’s new indie friendly platform and pricing and want to try it out (much like I have). It’d be great to have a video where we get someone familiar with Unity3D asking questions based on their previous engine’s experiences, for example.

A strong reasoning for comes when, out of habit, the first thing I want to do when launching a UE4 project is to find the script i want to edit, double click to get VS to launch, then begin editting. I spent about 4 or 5 minutes trying to find my code before giving up and launching VS manually.

So, the is: Making the transition for an indie scene LARGELY engrossed by unity3D right now to UE4 will be a huge help for both Unreal and us devs.

Thank you for your time,

You should start from asking question, what is exactly causing problem, and what you don’t understand exactly.

It will make easier for to provide correct answer, and possibly, to update transition guide which, can be found in wiki:

For my part I can say I find coding in UE4 much easier than in Unity.

Due to legal issues, we actually cannot make official “Converting from Engine X” guides. The community is of course free to do so, just not Epic, sorry about that. I’d say doing what iniside suggests is a good idea.

Creating and finishing a game in Unity(just to see how that is after shipping a few UE3 games) was pure pain, you need a bazillion addons to actually accomplish something.

For quick prototyping Blueprint is the king, but alot of devs that are used to C# are probably sceptical about the visual approach. I could see people going from C# to C++ in UE4 when the new hot-reload features arrive. :slight_smile:

of course you could do it “as a group of people”; not as the Epic Games UE4-department… right?

that was the path I took, I used blueprints for the first week or so, but I quickly missed my if-statements (and how you can simply have multiple conditions with “&&”), and overall the more calm and peacefull interface, and when I heard it was 10x faster, change was a no brainer. Yet if I managed to get anything done without causing errors that prevent the engine from launching, everything would be perfect xD

Interesting. I didn’t realize it was actually illegal for companies to make such transitioning videos.

It seems a bit odd that it’d be illegal. Trying to convert users form another engine seems legitimate to me. It’s not like you’re posting it on their forum.