More sort and filter features?

Having Categories and the search greatly helps finding (more or less) specific things in the Marketplace (if you know what you’re looking for), but random browsing and non-targetted searching (without a clear keyword in mind of what you want) is still something that could be improved.

Some ideas for that:

  • Add a sorting feature: Sort by Name asc/desc, Sort by Rating asc/desc, Sort by Price asc/desc etc.
  • Add a filtering feature: Show only entries in a price range X to Y (or just free ones for example), Show only entries with a Rating of X or higher etc.

All of those would make browsing more convinient, for example when someone’s at a budget or only wants to see the tried and trusty top-rated submissions.

Eh, I’m asking for these features for ages.
+1 from me

Actually, I just stumbled over Allars project for this:

Suppose I could give that a shot in the mean time :wink:

Edit: apparently it doesn’t work any more, at least not for me :frowning:

Oh yes, this so much. Heck I can understand it might take a bit time to create the filter for the launcher marketplace, but the website doesn’t even have it, which is really underwhelming. We really need some more options to filter, both in the launcher and the website.

Hi all!

I wanted to chime in and say we hear you guys and this would be something to definitely take into consideration as we’re working on new features. Keep the ideas coming! :slight_smile:

Doesnt work for me neither. Such kind of feature is really lacking :/.

Also, when an item is on “Sale” that seems to be a category rather than a tag, at least it replaces the category field so while scrolling over the list it’s not always apparent whether something is an SFX pack, materials or blueprints.


Its difficult to find stuff in the marketplace due to lack of price etc filters. Makes it look quite amateur compared to other marketplaces.

Ultimately if its difficult to find stuff then less people will buy. Therefore fewer people sell and the marketplace fails.

All for want of a few filters… Why Epic have not addressed this already I don’t know. Avoiding a drop in sales is surely enough reason?


Years have gone by since these posts and it still isn’t possible to sort by RATING or POPULARITY. There’s no FAVOURITES system either.

Unity’s Asset Store is so much nicer to use & seems to have more quality content. (Sorry to say & no offence intended - I’m just offering constructive suggestions)

I’m sure a few tweaks to the Unreal Marketplace would encourage more sales & content (& is therefore well worth the time it’d take you to develop it.)

Hey there Quirky,

Welcome to the forums! We did a survey earlier in the year that helped us with data to inform decisions for the next steps with the MP. We’re exploring what that looks like and as soon as we are ready to make more info available we will!


@Kalvothe @Amanda.Bott [USER=“35”]Tim Sweeney[/USER]

Hi Tim…

Just about every Community Manager before you, from Alex to Chance to Amanda etc, has said pretty much the same thing. There’s another entity who likes surveys and doesn’t execute either, its called Government! :o … Seriously, Epic is a genius game engine corp that’s hurdling towards billion-dollar rockstar status…

So… Isn’t **hiring a few in-house web devs **(and firing the outsourced help) an option now?.. The current web provider borks the forums every other week. You can’t even flag spam / Malware on here anymore. If it wasn’t for Mods like @DotCam keeping things alive, all four wheels would have fallen off the forums by now. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is said because it is true. Data is a factor in everything we do, our teams are establishing what work has to be done, then it has to be put into a timeline. I wish it worked in a way that was hey I need this task done, and the next cycle it is done, but it just does not function that way. Changes are coming, and I wish I could snap my fingers and promise dates and times to you, but I am just not willing to promise something until I know that the date and time we have is concrete.

We do have a ton of positions available on our website so if you or anyone you know is interested please send them our way!

It has now been more than 18 months since the last post stating that changes are coming, and a month short of 4 years since this thread started, and there’s still no sorting by ratings in the marketplace. I’ll concede that some of the features requested are now available, like sorting by price and filtering by price range, but I’m having a hard time thinking of any other online marketplace that doesn’t have the ability to sort by ratings. It seems like a standardized feature that should have been implemented by the very first version of Epic Games’ Marketplace.

I have mad love for Unreal Engine, and have been a zealot for the engine since OG Unreal Tournament, so it is with a heavy heart that I say…

C’mon guys.

Need sort by rating and popularity for find worth buying contents. it will save our time finding those contents. and I think it will help people will actually buy more and it will effect marketplace getting bigger.

Need sort by rating and popularity for find worth buying contents. it will save our time finding those contents. and I think it will help people will actually buy more and it will effect marketplace getting bigger.

Also, What happened to the 'display amount of items per page" at the top of the screen of the Web browser version of the market place? It was there a short time ago, now it’s not there. Frustrating for users who have a lot of market place items in their vault, having to scroll down to bottom of page just to change this option every time to see more items per page. Really??? How about a setting that remembers a users setting or preference? This is 2020. Epic, try going to your own Web browser version regularly and see how frustrating it is to use.