More Resources for C++ Programmers?

Looking at tutorials and twitch streams and stuff, Epic Games seems to be pushing the Blueprints system pretty hard.
I’ll use Blueprints when I have to, but I prefer to stay in C++ as much as possible.
I find C++ much faster to use and easier to read; I want my game to be highly performant; and I’ve invested a lot of time debugging and problem solving in C++.

Is there a cache of resources for C++ progammers somewhere in the forums or on the answers board?
I’ve generated the demo projects in C++, and they are helpful, but most of the demos that Epic Games makes, such as the Shooter Game, seem to be a mix of Blueprints and C++ code.
I’m having trouble figuring out how to do some things like level loading, animations, game flow, menus, etc. from C++.

Surely there are a lot of C++ programmers for Unreal, so I expect there will be resources that I just somehow missed.

Hi calben,

While I agree that we do have more tutorials out there for the blueprint system, there are quite a few resources for C++ through our documentation and wiki. The first place to look would be at the programming section of the documentation.

After that, you can look at the wiki, which has tutorials written by us and the community such as the following by Rama.

Otherwise, searching for specific problems on answerhub and the forums will most of the time turn up some results of someone else asking the same question. As far as the mixed tutorials go, that is actually how I’d do my own personal projects. I use C++ for most things as it is more efficient, but I tend to use blueprints for some things like assigning static meshes and such, as it tends to be more simple.

Have a nice day,