More Record Animation functionalities?

Hi, I’ve been working on the animation blueprint and animations in general over the past few days. I noticed that I could combine multiple animations sequences using the animation montage. My plan was to then record this animation montage and make it into a single animation sequence. Using this way, I would be able to combine multiple idle animations (that naturally blend in one after the other) into a single animation sequence. However when I tried to record, I found out that I need to set the record start and animation start separately. As a result, it’s become very hard to try to find the exact frame where I have to crop the animations in order to get it correct, especially since it’s a looping animation. It would have been a lot easier, if we could set the animation start/stop frames before we actually start recording, so that we can get more accurate results. I’d like to know if there are any plans to bring this feature in the coming versions of Unreal Engine.

Hi Stormrage,

If you are not aware of this already, I think this work flow may work for you: Start the animation. Record the animation after it loops 2 (or more times). In the newly created anim sequence, pause the animation and manually scrub the timeline to past the incomplete start of the loop to the actual -desired- start of the loop. Right click and select to delete all previous frames. Scrub to the end. Right click and delete all subsequent frames. You should be left when the desired complete montage.

I’ve posted a suggestion that are related to this post: Suggestion: Export animation as retargeted - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Any chance that this can be accomplished with the existing tools we have at hand right now?