More Range for feeding trough

Hi i have an item in my mod thats like the feeding trough, and i like to give them more range for the dino that’s can eat
the items in my feeding silo.

but i can’t find anything thats make more range/distance for the feeding trough.
I hope a moder from the forum here can help me by my project.

Is there a way to make more range for the feeding trough?

Thanks for answers.

So i have found out to make a longer distance for feeding animals from the trough.
You must chance Override Stasis Component Radius in the structure blueprint and now animals will feeding on a longer Distance.

Thanks for telling us how to do it!

Could I ask you how you managed to make dinos actually use the trough?? I have made a new one ( copied, not child ), changed the mesh, and the distance, and changed spoiling timers … and that’s it so far. But dinos don’t see it ( as in I don’t get the feeding icon over their heads ). I spawned a normal trough in, and the dinos got the icon right away…
Do I need to do something special to make them use it?

I don’t know if the trough is looking for dinos or if the dino’s are looking for the trough.
If latter, they’ll never see it unless it’s a child.
If former, it should just work.

yeah … just made a new one … as a child … and it works lol

Have “Override Stasis Component Radius” been removed from the dev kit because I can’t find it…

as of 2 days ago, nope, its still there in the actor’s blueprint