More objects then visible ...any advice welcome

Hello Developers,

I have a workflow/design question. Since I don’t have any experience with a game engine I would like to know what the best practice would/could be.

I would like to have huge amounts of objects (100.000 or more) listen to events and update their parameters or fire an event themselves. This would take place in a much larger “world” then needs to be visible from the “player” perspective. However all objects (instances) would need to “record” their actions as if they are all in the world.

The reason I would like to use events and not loop trough all objects (or a database) and change the settings is “to not worry about this aspect and be free in adding objects” :slight_smile: …( hope this make some sort of sense)

Anyway; do game-engines (and this one specific) already provide some sort of logic; like “everything is listing…but only a part is visible based on a sphere around the camera” (automatically toggle visibility). Or something like a zoom-level (as in google maps) that could fire to make smaller objects invisible once you get to certain height; and some will pop back into visibility when when you zoom in to an area. I assume this will greatly help the performance of the “visible space”

Thanks for your time; any pointer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.