More Lighting Issues

I’ve just completed a Archviz Indoor/Outdoor Apartment scene, and I’ve take those exact same lighting settings to use in my new project, a double storey house with front and back garden.
I put in the same light settings (which worked for my Apartment scene) and now my interior lighting is way too dark, exterior too bright.

I don’t understand why my settings for one project ( which works so well for both interior and exterior lighting), doesn’t work when I take those light settings and apply to a new project .

Static Skylight: 0.5
Stationary Directional light: 4

Post Process Volume
Min : 0.05
Max: 1.3
Exposure Bias: -0.9

I have Lightmass Portals on all windows and openings, I am using an Lightmass Importance Volume. I haven’t added any reflections spheres.

The only difference between these projects is that my Apartment Project has been baked on Production Level Lighting and the World Lightmass Settings are different, but that shouldnt make a difference to my new project interior lighting should it? Those settings are only changed at the end when I want to do final lighting pass.

Is it not advisable to use same Lightmass settings across multiple projects when I want the same lighting results? I know lighting settings differ from each project but the difference is massive.

I’ve just done a new lighting pass with better settings in my World Lightmass and it does make a huge difference when I change the settings,interior lights up alot more, so problem is kinda solved.

Hi ,

Could you post some comparison screens ?
Perhaps showing the difference between the two
world lightmass settings , that would be interesting
to check out thanks.

— Chuan

HI Chuan,

I’m back to the same problem. I baked my lighting again and it went dark again with same World Lightmass Settings so it wasn’t that.

Also I get the same error message right after I’ve the lighting build that I need to build it again. Apparently this is a problem alot of people get. No Matter how many times I build the lighting, right after it’s built, I get the error message telling me to build it again! I tried to solve it by following this thread:

I tried to migrate my project to a new project and build lighting again, but that didn’t help. I also checked the “Force No Pre computed Lighting” under World Settings as suggested, that didn’t work either.

My skylight is static now, if I switch to stationary, then the lighting is great, I can see the interior and exterior, no darkness at all, but the lighting quality is flat and not conducive for Archviz realistic feel. Any suggestions would be great but I’m beginning to see why so many Ue4 Archviz projects are mostly Indoor. Trying to balance the light for indoor and outdoor scene is a nightmare. Using 2 PPV doesn’t work for me either.

Stationary vs Static skylight shouldn’t make THAT much of a difference ultimately. Sure, static will provide smoother and better quality contact shadows/GI, but not so much that it renders stationary unusable by comparison.

The lighting rebuild message - follow this;

Can you host your file somewhere so we can take a look at it?

One thing that may help in the interim (after fixing the unbuilt message) is changing your environment color to something lighter than the default black under world settings, as well as giving everything a default white-ish material. Then add reflection captures, rebuild and see how it looks