More Interactive 3D Widget for VR

Interactable 3D widget component like shown in 10:45. It is possible to do it right now but its a pain to do for a UI with a lot of button (because of location adjustment for each of them). Maybe it would be easier to do in engine code level.

Further detail:

There could be a new component called VR Button, which would have a max and min value for offsetting in and out. Then, when that 3D widget placed in world, that component would create another 3D widget with those values in mind to create this effect.

I would really like to have this in in UE too!
For example Interaction with Leap Motion.

Developers that want or need a more physical UI system, should build it out of physical meshes just like any other interactive thing in the world - they can be much more customized and are better suited for the task.

What is so hard about making this in BP? Stop being lazy.