More Indepth Blueprint Tutorials

hi everyone,
sorry for my english is not good,
since i was engaged with game production as a environment artist i was excited about blueprints because it reduces need for coding (that i have no idea about coding at all ). i worked with udk for years and used kismet and i have general understanding about it. i have seen many tutorials about blueprints but all i have seen was all about how to turning lights on and off or creating classes and… there were generic tutorials. i need more indepth tutorials to understand blueprints in detail like maths, functions, events nodes and how to use them or creating UI with blueprints. i have seen official blueprint examples (like HUD example) and tried to reverse engineering them but I become more and more confused.

is there anyone knows more indepth tutorials about blueprints?can anyone help me?

You should check out my blog. (link in my signature) I try to make more indepth tutorials that tend to involve multiple blueprint and how the communicate with each other to get the desired result.

You should also check out the e-book “Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints” written by Ryan Shah.
Here is the link: CLICK CLICK!
I think this would be very helpful for you.

tnx,realy amazing Weblog… I’m pretty sure it will be helpful.

Both pattym and kitatus tutorials are really great but there are others (depending what kind of work you want to do) you can find too : here by a search in this section or on youtube : tesla fighter silentx ryanjon and other “blueprint makers” gave a lot of usefull stuff here to help people learn, use and have fun with blueprints.

You should check out the Solus Project tutorials too.

thanks guys…it was all helpful