more in depth tutorial

I’ve love to see more in depth tutorial, I’ll use this thread as an example:

I’d love to be able to do what he has done from scratch using blueprint. His got animation going, I still a bit confuse about Persona , on how to get all the animation assets working like he has done with his WIP. Tutorials should cover how to modify the camera. It can even go as deep as modifying the animation and bring it back in.

Understood, I think we are learning a lot about what areas need more tutorials! Do you find web or video tutorials most helpful?

If I can quickly anwser that, video tutorials are pretty much always awesome. If it comes to coding though, pictures and text help alot :stuck_out_tongue:

Video tutorial are most helpful. Zak would be a good choice , his really good explaining things that a laymen could understand.

+1 for Video tutorials for everything even coding. It is easier to follow and much faster to learn hence faster to start making games…thanks

I find a mixture is best. Ideally a primary video tutorial but supplemented by a written document that serves as notes to the video tutorial for quick reference once you’ve watched it. The problem I always have with video tutorials is that it’s a pain to re-check something if you can’t remember the exact time code.

For what it’s worth, I’d say both. You guys already have an awesome wiki setup, so maybe look at some common tasks people need to figure out, such as doors, basic ai, gui, etc, and go from there. They don’t even need to be complex, but once people get started they’ll quickly be able to survive without guides.