more greatness

this update also broke my setup to megascans it used ot have a button there and as i recall that was a pain in **** to setup
gawd this is becoming hell update

gee and now i got to go through redoing an account cause whatever you epic people setup aint working either

also the import for heightmaps is not recognizing greyscale imagemaps( gives me a Error about that yet works as intended)

The Quixel LiveLink plug-in is maintained by Quixel, and every single new iteration depends a plug-in update. Once available this plug-in can be installed with a few clicks from within the Quixel Bridge program.

  1. Make a backup of your project before upgrading
  2. Do not upgrade if you are not prepared to encounter issues
  3. The grayscale texture issue is indeed a long standing UE issue, you can for instance use shadermap to save the file in PNG or again in TGA, since it does not affect all grayscales.
  4. These are common tasks, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to game development workflows.
  5. A few years ago you required an in-depth understanding of computer languages and various abstract software suits, often expensive to obtain to be able to create games.

The issue with quixel is i had it working now it wont even allow me to login via epic games…if i go below im making a separate account which screws it all up …and i see no soluition after hours of this, in otherwords its 100% useless and unless i buy a trillion gb a hd space i cant get at the odd thing i want instead of downloading which takes half a day a whole pacakage and then sit while shaders compile

The issue with greyscale thingy was that it SAID there was an error BUT worked as i wished…and i did in deed test to make sure it was in fact a greyscale which it was. as to work flows im just a hobby guy having fun with bits BUT if i have issues cause i have tons a time imagine the big boy frustration…if you know what i mean. Breaking stuff like htis is easy to prevent as in , before an update you do so in backgorund get the plugins all ready and hten ship it with unreal engine so that it can back end do stuff the fact is if its being integrated THEN integrate it…things are starting to be all over hte lace and i dont need tell you about security now do i?

FYI i waited and waited on 4.24 and went to it with NO ISSUES of anything breaking in fact it was first time thngs did not break it was when the 4.24.1 happened everyhting broke and i cant jsut go back to 4.24 without going through allthe github crap now…therein lies the rub… i got kinda fooled in false sense of oh this might be ok …and again this quixel bridge is NOT working to sign in with epic games PERIOD

it flashes a few times hten comes back to login page , ive no issues on launcher side so its there issues. ALSO there were collections at quixel that are gone and changes ahve been made and no idea , im just gonna have to amke do without cause i do not have this much time to bother with it…