More extended rendering.

Hello, I propose to you guys to make all the passes renderable (like AO, Fresnel, Motion Blur, velocity)

Because a lot of guys does VFX and it’s very useful.

Also could you make other matinee formats available? like TGA / EXR (exr is very used in after effects and was made by ILM)

And is 32 BPC (bits per color) rendering is possible? it gives us better color correction control.

And why when I export my avi or png jpg bmp they don’t have audio, I want lossless video (or frames) with lossless 0 compression audio :< that’s bugging me !

Thanks !

It’s not going to record audio because the rendering isn’t real-time, plus an image format can’t save audio anyways. When it records it it will slow down the game to maintain framerate while it records.

Also as an FX artist i only render and use passes in External apps like 3ds max and/or compositing not in a realtime engines. But thats just me.

Hello, i am pretty new to the unreal engine and it might be that i ve missed some options. But as far i can see, i totally agree with binaryrifle that there is a huge potential for epic, giving the users more options on the matinees render possibilities.


A lot, if not all, of these are already in the engine.

In the viewport > view mode > main selection and buffer visualization

If you use the image below as reference you will have access to change the settings here. :slight_smile:


I am able to get passes out by applying a blendable to the GlobalPostProcess and then create a new material that’s a post process, in the emissive channel assign a sceneTexture node to it and choose diffuseColor/baseColor etc from it’s ID channel.
then when you render out of the matinee it respects that in the renders