More Engine Scripting Blueprint Nodes

Hey there! As someone who is creating systems on the Marketplace, it would be incredibly helpful to have more of the scripting nodes. These combined with Editor Widgets would allow me to create an entirely automated setup process for my packs. I have already been able to automate about half, but it could use some more features.

Set Class Default Variable
Open/Select Specific Blueprint Function//Macro/Graph Location/Variable
Export CSV File from DataTable

I’m sure there are more that would be helpful.

Having the ability to put an asset viewport inside UI would be nice. Just to look around, possibly load an animation in for skeletal meshes.


Also, I know this is probably a long shot, but having some sort of modular blueprint creation system would be nice. Being able to pre-define sets of blueprints and place them in a single execution line or separately. If you could do it with the behaviour tree that would be great as well.