More easy Compare Options?


I would like to have some more easy and convinient way to compare everything. For Example If I have a LineTrace on an Object which can have multiple different Materials on it which is all dependent on many other things and then you want to change them if they are a specific kind of Material in a specific kind of way. And as far as I have seen there is no easy way to do so, for example a simple Function “CompareMaterial”, “CompareComponent”, “CompareActor”, etc. where you simply have to get the 2 Inputs to compare if it is the same Material/Component or whatever and have a True or False output.

I Know that everything can be done in its current form with the usage of a lot of Bools or different kind of functions etc, but i think by addind more simple CompareFunctions would clean up a lot of Blueprints and be more easy to understand for others when giving them Blueprints to add stuff into.

You can write your own Blueprint functions and macros. Would that help? Check out this blog post:

I am aware of that but still these functions would take the same effort to make than without them and you still have to have a lot of different BoolVariables that need constant updating and still it would take quite a bit to do a simple Compare. I am not here to ask how to do something like that and more like to have these functions added for everyone to use because they would have a better performance and would be easier to use than creating a own function which you have to do multiple times for multiple different outcomes etc.
And a Simple CompareMaterial, etc would make things a lot easier performance wise and easier to look at. This is mostly a suggestion to EPIC which I don’t think would be so hard to do with their C++ knowledge.