More control over destructible meshes?

Hi guys i have a small side project that i am working in which i want a building to collapse when i take out its supports which are destructible meshes . so i have 4 supports one in each corner of the building and a non destructible mesh on top which sits on all four of the supports . .But so far every time i destroy 1 support the others automatically also get destroyed . causing the main building part to jump into the air. I want to be able to destroy a single support at a time . i hope this makes sense guys any help would be happily received

Is the main building simulating physics? If so, it should fall if one of the supports is taken out (or 2). Can you show your blueprint setup?

Hi i literally just started and do not really have a bp setup . I created a destructible mesh and then created an actor with destructible component and added the mesh_dm to that actor . the rest of the building is a simple cube with physics enabled .The only bp i have setup is the explosion detonation… I think the problem is that the main building mesh is destroying the destructible mesh when it is triggerd

Ok so i now have it destroying only the support close to the explosion .But now i want to be able to detonate multiple explosions at once this is my blueprint for my explosion58a820d9dc35b7fed6ee2b4434e5e46164a20834.jpeg