More characters like those Prototype characters are needed

Those are by far the best sci-fi models i know. Plus, they price is fair. ANd they are not even perfect, the walking animation is a bit odd.

Basically if i spent money, i want something which is not overpriced, and which looks epic. For everything else i can use some generic models. Ofc, there are some good modellers out there but often the choices are few and the theme very specific. For instance, fantasy art styles are mostly to wow’ish styled. The cool LOTR kind of fantasy stuff is rare.

Over 90% of what you can buy on character models is lacking in one way or another, like it is not properly rigged, if at all, or to low poly or to high, bad 3D format, and some art styles are just not good enough - which most of the time means, the movement is to clunky. A designed character could be ugly, but if the movement is legit, if proportions add up - then its still worth something. Apparently, for whatever reason, most 3D model movements suck… or maybe i missed them … i need realism, realistic proportions and legit moves, and models which are designed for use with a modular setup.

This doesn’t come cheap, I can assure you. It’s a collaborative process involving a lot of different people with different skill-sets. You can’t expect production level quality of a one-man-army project most of the time.

Well, it has been done. For instance if you go to the Unity store, and take a look at the 3D character page, then lookup the best ratings, Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

Then type into the browser page search Dogzer … he has 5 entries on page 1. One of his models Mecanim Warrior - YouTube On top of it, his pricing is fair too. This guy here is even free Base male model (muscular) - YouTube

It would be smart from EPIC to even give this guy an assignment … i just wrote him and asked if he would be interested to make something Unreal.

just try to do something poor (which is very far from epic) and think about the time you spent to build that poor thing.
time is priceless, if you don’t want to spend your time doing it and just want to buy it: thats the price for someone else doing it.
20$ for the prototype characters is ok thinking about the sales quantity (if it really sells). but 20$ for only one person isn’t so fair
(protip: try asking someone to make an exclusive epic model for you)

what you want is kinda specific, so you have 2 options: do it by yourself or hire someone else to do it.

about the animations: and

Thank you for your input Skuba, i will try to make a model myself

Hi unit23,
I would suggest going through this forum thread: We need Fps Characters! - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums!

And if you feel like supporting my recently opened forum thread regarding a community based effort by myself & my colleagues to mass release AAA grade content on the UE4 Marketplace for FREE, which can be found here: ​


This looks good, the armor might be a bit to big here and there, but this might be usable in my current project. Your link/pack is very interesting, there might be some parts i would use, hence might buy it - but have to see final product - it might be to stylized for my more realism oriented scope :frowning: But thanks for letting me know. And because of my needs and my non existing budget atm, i begun with 3D myself! Checked out MODO and now i’m getting into Blender! My assignment for today is to model a mech :slight_smile: Will follow your project! Cheers

What i need looks like this, but even more realistic…

This style is pretty close

Thanks unit23,

Nice to hear that you will starting this. Are you beginning yet with 3d modeling and you have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and so on time, youll get the models shown on your pictures in ca 2-3 years to get the point so.
I dont will give you any tasks, but from my own experince and others this is so.
With hard traing to the ground. I do it since 2005 in 3dsmax with some breakings.
3D on high quality are a learning process over many years. Maybe you can learn it faster in modo with good tutorials there will be time savers.
I hope my models will fits your needs in an later stage, let yourself be surprised what there still is.
The Terminator like hardsuited on the last picture will looks like one of my hardsuited soldiers in early stage.

That Sci fi robot girl looks niiice… :smiley:

Maybe i need 1 year, i stopped using MODO begun Blender, visit my signature link for examples i made working with Blender. Thanks for the advise though, but i have some experience from painting and did animation and some basic 3D over the years here and there btu never really go into 3D for real, but now is the time. IF you deliver such a terminator i will buy it, because even if i could do it myself i realize that i cannot do everything. This means i either have to begin hriing or buy stuff etc. Cheers

Those examples are game specific, you should hire an artist to do custom work for you. Nobody is going to spend weeks on a character that could sell only to few people.