More capsule collisions in Characters Blueprint

You need to enable option for people to create more capsules for collision in Players Blueprint.

That is needed for custom characters like a Wolf, Lizard…, also to fix Weapons going through wall(Problem I am having now, I can’t create second capsule collision to block players weapon going through wall)…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi eldinhelja,

You can add in custom geometry via the components menu. This feature will allow you to add additional collision shapes to your blueprint:

The issue is that these added components are not factored in by the character movement component of the owning actor; they only provide collision for physics interactions, or for movement of other actors. This has been brought up a number of times before on the forums and Answer Hub.

That said, it’s a really tough problem to solve for the general case, I doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon.

Wouldn’t you just make a blocking vloume around the items you want the player to not go through or pass? Then should you want to later via a secret or a key just destroy the blocking volume.

I really hope this will be added at some point (either by epic or someone in the community coding it in). The thing is the Character blueprint is based off of C++ and adding custom functionality like what OP wants would need to done in the C++ base code as you can’t override it from blueprints. At least I believe this to be the case, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Adding in the ability to use more/custom capsules for character collision would be an awesome feature to add in though (and is something I will need at some point in my project unless I can find a coherent work around in BP).

What would make sense to me in terms of how the new functionality would work is, have a base capsule for movement, but allow for more capsules that have proper collision set up rather than just interacting with physics actors.

Hi DuncanT.,

That is what am I talking about :smiley:
Would be a lot easier making games in future if they add that.

I already done that and it works, instead of blocking volumes i would just copy and paste wall resize it a bit and set it invisible, but what if game is bigger you need to do that on every wall thats just to much.
Instead of that if they add this what am I asking for you could just add capsule where your weapon is and it can prevent weapons or other custom shaped objects, animals, monsters…

Blocking volumes are not made for this, but thanks for answering.

This seems to be unanswered after 5 years still, is there any way to have the character bp respect the attached static mesh actors collision or any other collision? Its annoying, wether attachign a BP or importing a static mesh component, the character bp class completely ignores the collision making the attached meshes go through all static meshes in the scene. Is there a fix 4 years later? Unity allows for seperate layer rendering, something unreal isnt capeable i believe.