More accurate collisions for static meshes

Hi all,

I made a simple box based pyramid in 3D Studio, and imported it into Ue4. As you can see, even if I try to use the most complex collision preset with hulls and hull verts cranked up as high as the will go, I can’t get the collision boundaries to match the geometry of the pyramid exactly. I can’t walk up this pyramid - and I want to be able to do so.


How can I tell unreal to just use the actual static mesh itself as a collision boundary?

Is this just a case where I will make another object in and use the UCX name to create the collision in ? I am familiar with this method; just didn’t know if this was improved going from UDK -> Ue4.


You have 9 levels in that and there box shaped…So use 9 single box collisions and size them to fix each level…Its more time burning but its the best way :wink: or you can make one in 3ds …?v=SCN5TEO7JGk

@ - thanks for the reply. Noob question, can I make multiple, separate box collisions in Ue4 for a single object? If so, how?

Related question - is there an Array tool in Ue4 similar to what is available in ? Say if I wanted to just import 1 setup box and build it manually in Ue4 (ignore the problems with this specific example - just want to know if that tool exists).


Yes you can -> just go to the collision tab and add another one :slight_smile:

Main Question:
with the 3rd way which is shown in this video you can use the mesh as a collision: ALso make sure to disable “one convex hull per…” in your import settings when you import a mesh with collision

I’ve a little much complex issue here. Well, I’m modeling desk and there wil be player interact with desk drawers (simply open/close/taking items inside of) so am I should create a collision for drawers too or desk collision will handle this?

Your response will be greatly appreciated!

The desk collision will be enough if you are just checking for proximity to the desk to open the drawers. Maybe if you’re ray casting you will want separate collision.

Thanks for quick reply

So isn’t that ok when I script blueprint for player interaction? If not, so how the drawers will carry the items inside of them without individual collision? If it’s right then how the drawer and individual collision will take action together when player interact.

Any suggestion?

If the items are going to be physics object then the drawers will need collision. Other than that. I would probably parent the objects you want inside the drawer to the drawer until the player interacts with them.

Yes, items are physics object (but I’ll test it before final decision because worried about if it’s get some weird physics bugs etc. and I think thats gives me some major idea about best solution for collision) Actually I didn’t get point about last advice. Anyway thanks a lot, much appreciated.

Sorry, Could I get some more information?

How will the player interact with the desk / drawer?

Will the object inside the drawer be placed into an inventory when interacted with?

No, there is no inventory, in sort of… Player will explore the place => when player find the object inside of desk drawer or cabinet, high shelf or even just from ground and so on => player will open the object -the object that mentioned is a matryoshka doll- so when it’s open, player will get a diary page from inside of…cut, spoiler :slight_smile:

Player interaction with drawers is simply; just get close it enough, open/close drawers, take a matryoshka doll from inside if it’s there and then open it, get the diary page read it then script will destroy both of items, doll and page.

Ok, I would import the drawers separately from the rest of the desk. Create a blueprint to combine them and parent / group them as such : Desk > Drawer > Doll then in the blueprint create a collision to detect how close the player is and when close enough specified button opens the drawer.

Then all you will need is to create the interaction between your doll / diary page.

Was that more helpful?

Hmm, yes it’s logical I’ve got it now. Then I’ll go back to solve the collision issue. Should I add individual collision to every drawer that intersect to desk’s drawer hole?


Just delete all collisions and then set it to “Use Complex Collision As Simple”. That should give you per-poly collision (which I guess is also the least efficient).

If you want the player to collide with it. But it shouldn’t be necessary.

Ok then I’ll try two of way and at least I believe one of them will give me best solution. Anyway I would thank to you for your time and support.

Ps.: If I can get finish my project in a time then will give you a copy of it.

Cool, I’d like to see what you end up doing.