More accuracy in vertex connection and object manipulation please.

It is really time consuming in how the vertex placement is handeled. I´am used to outdated engines like 3d gamestudio in which it is possible to manipulate the shape and form of an simple block by moving the vertices manually. This could be quite useful here, too. For example: I´m about to create a cylinder type well with an coneshaped obelisc in the middle and it´s ground should be in the shape of a wedge. So I place one wedge type block and then copy paste it, turn it let´s say 5° and then I try to place it right next to the other one. So I´ve learned about the trick where you have to use the v-button and here I find that this tecnique isn´t quite accurate enough, when it comes to more complex desighns and see, who wants to see an octogon shaped well with some overlapping edges? I wouldn´t even like to see this in a lowbudget game. If there would be the option of manipulating the vertices by simple clicking on them (hold mousebutton of course) and moving the vertex via moving the mouse in order to connect it with other vertices from other objects or just alternate the shape of a block would make the engine even more superior. Greetz and really hope for this to be patched in or at least as a downloadable plug in?