MORDHAU - FUN SERVER: Capable TEAM seeking Unreal scripter (UE4.2)

We’re a large community of friends who met at Mordhau. All of them kind guys & girls! Among them is me, a 3D generalist with over 30 years of experience in game engines, asset creation: modelling, animation, rigging, texturing, sound generation etc. Then we have a capable server admin, where the 1st mods already work like a charm, two sweet community people who run the discord server and the website with me. And then the missing programmer, which would be you xD

We want to create a quirky, fun, non-serious mod for Mordhau that already has a lot to offer, but needs a few events to be scripted. Nothing complicated. The goal is to have a non toxic place for the dear people who met in a game and have been friends for years.

With this server we want to create a home for this large family and we are looking for you as our partner and helper who will help us to put the last building block of the puzzle together!

We’re also willing to pay you if you can provide us with small updates! If money is your driving vehicle, so shall it be! Of course we would much rather have you as a partner and friend on our server.

Howsoever, join us in the craziest game with the strongest social opportunities that a game ever has created, and become part of a group of people who will show you every day that they are real warm-hearted friends!

If interested, we’ll tell you the story of how it came about. We’re about 20 people who want to see the server live. And many others from previous mods will join us too, as soon the server is running officially. Four of us are devs, web, server, asset & audio creation. The last one is missing. Someone who can deal with some little unreal blueprints. In fact nothing too fancy! Quite the opposite! Our team has a lot of experience in java script, c#, c++ but no experience with Unreal itself.

DM me and let’s talk, if you want to be a part of it /and/or you can help us?


best regards,