Mooseland, an Action, Collect-A-Thon 3D Platformer!

Hello everyone! My name is Carlten. I’m developing Mooseland which is a game inspired by the likes of Jak and Daxter and Super Mario and Zelda, incorporating platforming and action together to create a spiritual successor like no other, I’m hoping to make a game that will incorporate a rich story and likeable characters. Being a veteran in the game industry this is my first solo project ever and I’m making this game to be my magnum opus.

Please check out the Alpha Trailer I’ve linked here!:…

I’ve been developing this game for about 5ish months now and I’m really happy with the results so far. By the end of this year I’m hoping that I can:

    • Work on porting Mooseland to Next Gen Consoles
    • Get an Official Soundtrack for the game
    • Some new vehicles to reveal that are in the works as we speak!
    • Have the Alpha Version out.

As a solo veteran dev, I find most of my challenges to be creating a community as I’ve only ever worked on games less than creating hype, so please share this if you find an interest in this game. It will help me a lot! As well as feedback too! I linked the Discord in my alpha trailer so please join it! Feedback helps me a lot as a solo dev, so feel free to give me ideas and suggestions!

Very exciting to see a 3D platformer like this! It’s one of my favorite game genres!

EDIT: The Discord link doesn’t seem to work at this time. It says that the invite link expired.