"Moonlight Sculptor" Promotional Video

Hi everyone, I would like to share our first real-time animation project: a promotional video done for the “Moonlight Sculptor” MMORPG game. The animation was done using Optitrack motion capture system and rendered entirely in UE4 with some minor editing in post-production. It was a great learning process for us. C&c are very welcome, thank you :).

Nicely done!!! Congratulations.

Is it inspired in Legendary Moolight Sculptor? It’s pretty similar if not** inspired on it. I like it**

Nice! Are you take manhva as reference, or this is real game?

Gerçekten inanılmaz derecede güzel.

Definitely looks like a Kakao Game. Let me give you my opinion. It’s Lacking Life. When You Make A Huge Open World It Should Be Full Of Animals or Creatures.

Thank you guys for your feedback. Yep it is a promotional video of the MMORPG title for the actual Legendary Moonlight Sculptor manhwa (https://moonlight.kakaogames.com/).