Hi, there peeps! I just wanted to share my dev-blog where I will do one project for one month sort of like a lengthy Gamejam for myself. The goal this time, is to recreate **“Moominvalley” ** within UE4 and a months time.

This is the first entry:

I will post there and here as the project progresses so please do check it out. =D

Good luck :smiley:

Thanks Achari

I did my second update now and you can see it here: Next week Ile start in the engine =D


Hi there! So I have finally started working in the engine after countless of reference pictures and a detailed breakdown. Its all on the blog so I wont bore you with that. Rather I wanted to show you what I have so far. Let me know what you think.

Bridge making 8.JPG
I started with the bridge asset and made two versions of it too see which one fit best. I went with option V1

1 hour into the Landscape process. I did this after memory and as a test to get aquainted with the tools in UE4.

I added some quick elements to get the scale and walking distance down. It was easy enough but the scale was all wrong.

Added a temp Main Moominhouse for scale and reference so I could better work out the focal points in the landscape.

After realising the scale was not quite right, I imported the map onto a plane and just drew on top. It worked as good as it sounds. =)

I also added some humps/small hills as the Moomins aways seems to have some. I sculpted some humps with a big brush and a low falloff, then I smoothed the sections between to make them more natural.

Here is my first texture pass. Im not a texturer so I found some handpainted textures online and made a landscape material out of it. I have about 4 layers (Grass, rocks, gravel and sand) and covered most of the map with this.

Bridge part is done for now. The bridge has to be rebuilt, textures redone and the lighting needs to be fixed, but thats for later. I will move on to the pier next before the main house.

Bonus picture 1

Bonus picture 2

I’ve also started to fix the mountains as mine were way too detailed and sharp for the poor Moomins. (Curse you Erosion and Scult for being so fun to play around with =d) Also added some light fog for atmosphere.


The area around and behind the house seems wrong, at least when compared to the TV series:

You can see the mountains behind the house when looking from the direction of the bridge, and the house itself is on a smallish hill. Also I’m pretty sure Snufkin’s tent is always on the other side of the river, but in your pics it seems to be the opposite. Oh well :smiley:

I completely agree Jonimake. There is definitly something off, so Ive redone the mountains so they fit more with the show and the image you posted. It looks lots better now. Ive even pushed the hills back but might have to move it even further. What do you think?



Updated my blog now:


And Im done! Many thanks for the help you guys! Check out the final thing here: