Moomin vs Buka - UE5 short cinematic

So lately I was making a short cienematic based on (maybe not fully :D) Moomins

And more, timelapse etc on my artstation: ArtStation - Kamil Bednarski Qra

Moomin was supposed to be furry, but I lost battle with fur mainly Blender > UE.
There are still some things that dont satisfy me :frowning: Like no birds in render or morph target that doesn’t work in fiinal movie, cuz morph target was a pain to use in sequencer.
Hope you all like it :smiley:


Hey there @Qrabzdmlka,

Hope you’re having a truly wonderful day!

This is the cutest video ever. No competition.

The intense music, anime aura, and the tail. The tail is absolutely precious. Beyond my own need to fangirl over a super-saiyan hippo, I must compliment the environment and its immaculate and meticulously crafted scenery. I’m so genuinely impressed!

Please keep creating these wholesome cinematics and sharing them with us here on the Unreal Engine Forums, we need more danger-hippos.

Cheers and happy developing. :heartpulse:

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Hi :smiley: @PresumptivePanda Thank you for kind words. I promise I will keep deliever and will try my best to make it nice <3 It is always boost in motivation for my other projects when I see someone likes it :white_heart:

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My scouter could be deceiving me, but I’m pretty sure that Moomin’s power level was OVER 9,000! :laughing: All jokes aside, your Moomin VS Buka cinematic short was absolutely terrific!

In just a little over a minute, we got to witness an incredible amount of impressive development creativity. How long did it take you to create this cinematic in its entirety? Will this project be an ongoing series of sorts?

Oh sorry for long replay, didnt see notification :stuck_out_tongue: And I am happy you liked it :smiley:

I am not sure how long it took in hours, but it was like 5-7 evenings and a whole weekend :stuck_out_tongue:
And I don’t think I will continue the Moomin project :smiley: It was a distraction for my main project which is based on Brandon Sanderson books. But yeah, I need to find motivation to come back to this :stuck_out_tongue:

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