Moøkan virtual office


I’m from Moøkan, a a Real Time 3D company and I want to share the first project we release, After this one we have been working in new ones but no with new computers we have done a cinematic video where to show it properly. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment. We know we still need to improve our work and your feedback will be the best way.

more about te project


it’s a mix from some scenes on marketplace :smiley:


so i can just see u have nice lightmass
have u used the settings took in one of this scenes?

i don’t like post process settings but maybe is just my opinion :slight_smile:

have u personalized HAL interface for interactive?

The bloom and flares are wayyy too intense! You could remove the glass refraction values to avoid the artifacts when viewed at angle!

Good work.

Yes @coach, that is right,

the furniture and the walls on center are from Xoio and Koola, the effects and particle systems are from the shooter game example and the interface is modified HAL with an menu before start and pause, to choose level, set scalability options and exit. (now we need to personalize also for the version 4.12, our modification in 4.10 are not compatible, an it seams in 4.12 version they have clean a little more the bp)

In our new scenes we have buy new furniture libraries but when we develop this one we was just trying with what we have.

Any case, the building is our design.

thanks @heartlessphil, I will try that!

any case some idea how to archive a u-glass appearance? like this