Monument Visualization + Bonus :p (My first project with Unreal engine)

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I’ve been working for the last two months on this project on my spare time and I wanted to hear your thoughts.
You can find the project at Artstation here:

Here is the Final video:


And Here is a few Photo renders:

And Here’s the bonus

You can find more of my work Here

Interesting concept. Nice 1st project that’s for sure. The scaling of the textures is a bit off though and I’m not sure if it’s rain coming from the sky or golf balls hehe!

Be careful with music copyrights too.

I’m pretty sure you mean the ground in the 4th pic when you say the scaling is a bit off. Lol It’s rain and snow a really bad one :stuck_out_tongue: I still struggle with particles.

Sure thing I already took care of the music copyrights.

Good choice of music then, it fits the scene pretty well.

The stone flooring at the base of the monument feels a bit huge when you know that this monument is 92 meters tall in real life. And the flag poles seems out of proportion too when you look at the real thing :


Have you modeled everything in 1:1 scale to be sure? I feel like the monument could be 2-3x bigger in your scene.

How did you created that realistic light and the particles??

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