Monthly "Community Gallery"

Though we have a “Showcase” section for indie and commercial teams working in Unreal Engine 4, I think it might be beneficial for individuals to submit images/videos of their artwork to the site…

With much of the tutorials from Epic showing what CAN be done with the engine, a Community Gallery would then enable regular users to show what HAS been done from a more relaxed perspective.

I like this idea. Lots of libraries and game engines have such a gallery of published or WIP work. Cocos2D used to have one, but I can’t find it on their revamped site. Unity also has a gallery.

The question is how to best organize something like this? I don’t think a monthly gallery would be best. Why not just allow people submit images or videos from their work and let everyone vote? Then you could calculate a score out of votes and freshness and sort them accordingly. Kind of like how voting works on Reddit.

I’m not certain, but on CryDev I think it’s the studio who cherry-picks the best ones to single out; however, having a database of still submissions from the community as well might be good.