Montage unwanted section switching

I’m developing smooth walk/run Montage with separete animations for left/right step, run/walk and stopping from leftr/right walk/run. I’s may look difficult, but it’s work good enought, except some Montage/Blueprint glitch, that I can’t understand.
Here is my Montage

Red arrows show wich sections are looping unwanted. First I think that error in my conrolling event graph

but it’s only part of problem. Red dotted lines show execution route when unwanted loop happens. This lines shows that switching from ‘Right run step’ to ‘left walk step’ (2nd red line) is caused by ‘Montage Set Next Section’ node. BUT switching from ‘Left walk step’ to ‘Right run step’ (1st red line) is unwanted: exec route do not reache ‘Montage Set Next Section’ node. So I confused a bit. May be someone can help and describe what I’m doing wrong?

I resolve this issue by moving branching point to end of clips and changing SetNextSection to JumpToSection.