Montage randomly stops playing when enemy is too close to player

so i have this zombie in my game, and i made an attack montage for it that i want to play when he gets a certain distance to the player. I used to have it set up as a state in the animation blueprint, but then i realized i cant play a montage in there so i switched it to play in the character blueprint. Basically what happens is, the zombie(the enemy) behaves regularly, when he gets to a certain distance(which is currently way to big, just for testing purposes), he starts playing the attack montage. but when hes directly next to the character(where hes supposed to be when hes attacking), it randomly stops playing, and he goes back to the idle animation, and then the montage will all of a sudden play again when my character moves away from him. Even the print String that i have set up in the event tick event stops playing when hes standing directly next to my player. I cant figure out why this is happening, any ideas? heres the blueprint… note: the isAttacking boolean doesnt actually do anything anymore, that was being used for the animation BP earlier.

I’m having this same issue at the moment in UE5, have no idea how to fix it.

I also have this issue, any of you were able to find a solution? I can’t proceed with my game. :frowning:

I had same problem, but found a solution and it was pretty obvious when i figured.

The montage is spammed on event tick so while you are in range it will keep spamming the button and it will keep playing the beginning of that montage over and over, which make it look as if it doesn’t attack until you move away.

If you use the “Play Montage” node instead. you can put a “Do Once” node after the branch(true) and from the “Play Montage” you connect “On Completed” into the reset of the “Do Once”.


Can you share more detail of the solution ?