Montage Play Stops Early

I am having an issue with playing a montage for an attack animation. In my character blueprint I have a section to allow for melee combo attacks (shown below). I have a ‘Montage Play’ node that plays the montage for the character swinging a sword. I have connected attack speed to the ‘In Play Rate’ and it is currently set to 1.0. However, when the montage plays the character only performs about half of the montage before going back to its idle pose. If I set the attack speed (in play rate) to anything less than 1.0 the character performs more of the montage. For instance if I set it to 0.5 the character almost performs the entire montage, swinging his sword the full distance. Anything higher than 1.0 and it plays less and less. I am using anim notifies to call the reset and save combo, shown in the second image. Any help is appreciated! I can provide more screenshots or a video if needed. Thanks!

I have made a video of the issue for reference:

I have tried playing around with the positioning of the anim notifies and that did not help the issue.
Also, the combo system does not currently work. I have yet to start troubleshooting that as it is not the issue at hand.

check your montage blend time. blend time is in actual time (seconds i believe) rather than duration percent. so if your blend in and blend out times for the montage are too large, your montage will not get a chance to finish playing. more info here:

This was the issue I was having. My attack animation always started 1/4 in the animation. Turns out the blend time was set to 0.25. Thanks for that!