Montage Play/Jump to Section With blend

Hello! Currently you can stop a montage from playing and specify a blend time, which looks really nice if, for instance, you are stopping a combo attack because the player didn’t click on time. However, you cannot jump to a section and specify a blend time like you could if you stopped the animation. I feel it would be very useful, and seems a bit odd that you can stop and blend but not jump section or even play with blend. This could be VERY useful to blend between combos and such.



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Bump, don’t see why this shouldn’t be a feature.

Absolutely agree, i’m want it

Option to blend between sections would be great, even without jumping between them it would be handy way to join different animations into longer one.
Few more years I guess :wink:

I agree. It would be a nice thing to have.

If you ran across this searching for a solution I have a partial workaround. Let’s say you have a sword swinging animation and received a request to interrupt the attack. You wish to skip ahead to the “Recoil” section at the end of the swinging attack animation. If you use “Montage Jump to Next Section” you cannot blend between where the animation is currently at and the recoil at the end; there is a visual hiccup. In simple cases, you can weirdly do a “Montage Play” (with “Stop All Montages” checked) followed by a “Montage Jump to Section” (in this case the section is “Recoil”). The result is the animation blending between where it currently is to the “Recoil” section. It uses the “Blend In” setting found in the actual montage asset you are playing. In my case it is set to 0.25.

If you had more than one montage playing then you would not want to “Stop All Montages”. You would need a more clever system than this.

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Bumpity bump

Does Epic have any plan or solution for this?

Currently, I could solve this by separate a montage with multiple sections into multiple montages.
(Which means the montage section is not used, what a pity!)