Montage Play doesnt play

I have a problem getting my montage play to work correctly. If you look at this image: Screenshot - aa6cfb2a86ac7a10734d91fbaf8689c5 - Gyazo, you can see that I have it checking if the montage is currently playing, and if it is not then it will play the montage, however what happens is that the montage does not play at all. I use a print string at the end, to check if it fails playing the montage, but the printed value is not 0, but the length of the animation.

I have done something very similar, with a running animation, that works perfectly fine, here is a screenshot of that script: Screenshot - 16aa64e5498022bd5b1b4e430de4dc43 - Gyazo, on the image you can see how when running it will play the montage which is set up just like my other script, and it stops the montage once you stop moving.
I have checked multiple times for discrepancies, and I cannot seem to find any, regarding the montage play.

I tried setting the animation “AnimationAttack” on my running script, where it works perfectly fine.

Image of my AnimGraph: Screenshot - 624a1ff3a7a1c3627e28b35cdaa03933 - Gyazo

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I figured out what was wrong, input axis was taking precedence over my other event, I compared the axis value and only set the event to do anything if it wasnt equal to 0, after that my animation worked. You can’t see the input axis in the image I linked, but it is earlier in the running animation script.