Montage Play and Particles at same time

So I would like my Montage to Play where the character jumps and lands in the scene at the beginning, but I want her to have a healing ability (which I already put in), I want it to play AFTER the montage ends NOT during it. If you press “Z” to play the healing ability it is able to play during the montage. I would like the montage to END before it STARTS up. Any help? thanks

When you want to do something mostly it’s gonna be through events or timers which uses events. you can have an event add to a montage when it’s playing an when animation reaches to that frame that event is gonna get fired up. now if you want something to play not during a montage playing you can check when pressing that button when using that ability that if certain conditions are not met you can’t use that ability or vise versa. best tool to manage these kind of mechanics are state machines which you can move from state to state based on where you are right now and which data you giving to the machine right now. for example you can block moving from a state to another when certain data is in the machine like jumping.