Montage pause problem

Hy guys, I have one situation which I dont know how to solve.

So I will try to explain problem:

  • I have enemy Al character, whic follow player (bp simple move to actor) - character is from Maximo pack, and this works great
  • my enemy Al have bp capsuleTraceForObject, which is looking for some obstacle in front of Al, and when TraceForObject found something - it turns variable NeedJumpOBS to positive.
  • also my enemy have bp capsuleTracebyChannel, which is just looking is enemy on ground or not. This also works great, every time my enemy jumps - this tracebyChannel knows that he is in air

Here is my jump montage which I want to be played when my enemy jumps.


In my montage, there is only one animation - running jump. So problem is next, when my enemy found obstacle, he starts doing this montage + I add some bp SetVelocity to enemy, so enemy can jump higher. And then when my enemy is still in air, this montage is over and enemy continues to running in air.
So I created 2 section - JumpStarts and JumpEnd.
And I created branch point AnimInAir!, and this point is where I want to pause my montage, and when enemy is near ground, it resume montage in section JumpEnd.


So I called my branch point bp AnimNotify_AnimInAir!, and when enemy is not on ground - he pause montage on that point.
And that is working also great, but problem is how to say to my montage that when enemy is on ground - to continues to play montage from JumpEnd?

I tried all what I know, and when my montage is paused and enemy detect ground - it won’t start to play from JumpEnd.

Maybe I use wrong way to tell my enemy to do that.


I can’t believe that just this code solve my problem :smiley:

So when my enemy is on air and when jump montage reach branch point “AnimInAir” - it automatic pause animation and wait when Enemy is on groudn and then just goes to section JumpEnd.

I still dont know why is this resolve for my problem. :confused: