Montage Groups & Slot Nodes - 4.3

Hi Guys,

The latest update added montages groups and as a result I thought I might attempt to get multiple montages playing at once. Perhaps I’m using it wrong, but I can’t even get it to play a single montage at once :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using the “Play Slot Animation” node (is this the correct one to choose?) - as an asset, it accepts sequences or montages - but it doesn’t play if a montage is picked and instead returns 0 - it DOES work however if a sequence is chosen. My setup looks like this:

So left arm is in the LeftArmGroup group, and the right arm is in RightArmGroup.

The event graph:

Left Animation is just an animation montage that’s been correctly set up already.

Has anyone tried the Montage Groups feature yet? Would love some tips

Sorry for the bump, I can find no documentation on this feature at all! Has anyone any experience with it?

Try using the Play Montage nodes instead.

Ive tried this, but they don’t have any details regarding the groups and it performs exactly the same as it did in 4.2. My design kinda requires multiple montages and as such the idea of groups is very appealing, but I just cant find any info on them!

Apologies, this feature is not ready yet. We have exposed some of the front end, but the implementation is not there yet.

Is this sorted yet? this was 2 years ago lol