Montage cuts animation short despite blend times being correct

Hi there,
I’ve been developing my project on UE5 for a couple of months now and I came across a weird Montage behaviour I can’t seem to solve. I’ve imported a shooting animation from blender (which works fine on its own in Unreal engine) but when I put it inside a montage it only plays the first few frames of it then stops it.

The weird part is that I initially solved this problem by changing the “return value type” to “duration” on the Montage play node and changing the blend in/out times in the Montage window itself. But today I changed the idle animation from which this montage plays and the problem immediately returned, this time it won’t go away and I’m running out of possible explanations for this.

So if you happen to know why this is happening please enlighten me :slight_smile:

here are some screenshots of my montage graph and window

P.S: the tags only say 4-27 because the form wouldn’t let me post the question unless I got that one on top of the 5-0EA one , this is 100% Unreal Engine 5Early access.