Montage blends out from the next setion


This behavior I noticed only happens in UE5, I didn’t have this issue in UE4.
For the sake of demonstration I will provide a dummy example:

  • Montage 1 has 2 sections and they are separate meaning only one section can play.
  • Montage 2 is just playing the idle animation.

The idea here is I want to use a notify at the end of section 1 to play another montage, the issue here is when I play the other montage it seems like it’s blending in using section 2 of the current montage.
I’m also using 0 as the blend out for montage 1 and it seems it has to do with the issue but based on my experience with UE4 this is not an issue, and why is section 2 playing at all.

Here’s a video showing the result, you can see there how when the notify triggers and it should blend from section 1 (idle animation) to montage 2 which is also idle, the result is it uses section 2 to blend in.

Any ideas ? once again this behavior is only in UE5. Thank you.

I got around this by calling montage stop with a small blend out value like 0.01 before playing the next montage.

This also fixes an issue where If I play a montage with 0 blend out delay and chain another montage it would snap to whatever the animBP pose is and then back to the montage, in UE4 it would keep the last montage pose and transition with it to the next montage.

Seems like something has changed when it comes to a montage with 0 blend out delay.