Montage and anim graph


I have done a montage in which I added a slot named “AttackSlot”.

My goal is to play this animation montage when attacking (press left button)

The reason why I have done montage is because my game is online and I need root motion.
So, the problem is that I don’t know at all how to do what I want. I saw similar questions but I don’t understood answers at all…

So, now I have an AnimBP. In the event graph I have some states and one for attack (named sword attack). The transition to go to this state is using a variable. So what I have done is quite simple. But I would like to know how to play my montage when attacking. I have no idea of which source i have to pass in my slot “AttackSlot”… and this is the problem because right now it is not working.
Thank you in advance for your answers !

Best regards