Monster Reapers VR - Roguelike VR Ghost Hunting Game

Hello there, we are a team of two passionate indie developers called Virtual Uppercut Studios.
We have been working on Monster Reapers VR, a monster hunting rogue-like game which combines game elements inspired by great titles such as Luigi’s Mansion, Risk of Rain 2 and Bioshock.
It was released on Steam Early Access this week on October 30th!

Steam Page:
Game Trailer:

Game Description:
As a Reaper sent out to hunt down monsters who have invaded the land, visit haunted locations filled with bats, ghosts and all sorts of strange beings.
Discover ancient treasures to enhance your abilities and try to make it as far as possible.
Each run will be different due to randomized buffs and procedurally generated stages.

This game was build with Blueprints only and no usage of C++ in its current version. I think it really speaks to the power of UE4’s Blueprint system.
The game performs pretty well even on lower end machines and since we plan on porting to Oculus quest at some point, we just tossed it on there and it looks like it will be able to run without too much need for optimization. Nevertheless we are now starting to manually convert some often called functions into C++ to boost performance even further.

You can hit us up on twitter if you have any questions or want to chat: