Hi there! After 22 months spent upgrading of our 3D models library (heroic Fantasy characters and animals) we just started working on some new original characters.

Monster Pack Vol 2](MONSTER PACK VOL 2 – PROTOFACTOR) will contain 5 new original characters. Monster Pack Volume 2 Early Bird Special](MONSTER PACK VOL 2 – PROTOFACTOR) is available exclusively on our online store at a discounted price! $74.99 instead of $99.96 is creatures purchased separately. It currently contains 4 monsters, you’ll also receive the next Add-On for free!! Price of the pack, once complete, will be $84.99






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We have also released our official road map for 2018 if you guys are curious to know what we’ll be working on.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Great model and great work ^^

Thank you! :slight_smile: Second monster is currently being modeled (High poly)

Can we get some knock down animations like in monster hunter. So you can know down the monster and they struggle on the ground then get up?

It actually sounds like a pretty cool idea. We’ll definitely consider this. We can’t make any promises though.

Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

hey there!

Second monster is on its way. It’s called Skorpmare and should be live on Protofactor Store this Friday night. Here is an early Sketchfab Viewer. Model is currently being animated.


Hope you guys will like it.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Skorpmare, second included monster of the upcoming Monster Pack Volume 2, has been released on PROTOFACTOR STORE with a one month exclusivity period. Go check it out. The early bird Monster Pack Volume 2 (with 3 included characters out of 5 at a rebate price) will most likely be available next Friday.

Cheers!! :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Muscomorph](MUSCOMORPH – PROTOFACTOR), 3rd monster of the pack is now released on our Online Store for a 1 month exclusivity period.


Monster Pack Volume 2 Early Bird Special is now exclusively available on our Online store](MONSTER PACK VOL 2 – PROTOFACTOR). You can get the 3 released creatures at a discounted price ($64.99 instead of $74.97) you’ll also receive the 2 next Add-Ons for free! Monster Pack Volume 2, once complete, will be listed at $84.99. Get it now and save some money!](MONSTER PACK VOL 2 – PROTOFACTOR)

Hey There! The 4th monster of the Monster Pack Volume 2 will be ready this Friday! it will be exclusively available on our online store for a month. We’re really happy with the design of this new monster. Here is the sketchfab viewer. Still need to finish 2 more animations before wrapping it up.
Hope you guys will like it as much as we do.


Cheers! :slight_smile:

Telluropod is now live on our online Store for a one month exclusivity period. Monster Pack Volume 2 is now updated with its 4th monster. Price is now $74.99

Next will be the 5th and final monster of this second volume. It should be ready by next Friday.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

no spamming.

??? We’re just marketing content that will hit the UE4 marketplace very soon and we only post about real progress on the creation of this pack. As you can see it’s a “WIP” thread that we’ll rename once the pack would be complete…

Official UE4 release for Deinodonte: 03/09/2018
Official UE4 release for Skorpmare: 03/16/2018
Official UE4 release for Muscomorph: 03/23/2018
Official UE4 release for Telluropod: 04/01/2018

hey there!
5th and final monster of the Monster Pack Volume 2 should be ready this Thursday! Model is currently being animated but here is a sneak peak at the early sketchfab viewer to check it out in rel time:


Cheers! :slight_smile:

you have a great library of monsters, Ive purchased a few. You should definitely also focus on making piece armors or something… which is something that the current asset store doesnt have =D

anyways, <3 the models as always

Thanks! :slight_smile: We might consider doing something like this once we’d be done with our current road map (which is already quite a bunch of characters for 2018)

hi there! Monster Pack Volume 2 is now complete.

Deinodonte is now live on the UE4 Marketplace. Wait is over.