Monster Hunter 3 Fan Project

just wanted to show what i am working on (mostly for learning purpose)
All done in Blueprint

I love the Monster Hunter series but i just hate to play it on a Handheld(3DS, PSP), so i decided some time ago to try to make a Remake with the Game Assets from Monster Hunter 3

What i got so far:

Item/Inventory System
Loot Generation within Objects/Monster
Quest System
Basic Monster AI

Partial Multiplayer Support:
joining via IP works and all the Gamplay works in Multiplayer
Accepting and Posting Quests for everyone to See in the Lobby Map

What i am missing is a Party System for the Lobby, sadly the Beacon Party System is C++ only. Maybe someone can me push in the right direction on this one :slight_smile:

If its not allowed to Post a Remake/Rebuild of a Game, just let me know and i will delete this post.

Pretty cool I loved MH3 & MH3U

Small Update.

Got the Inventory Box System working, still got some cosmetic bugs like Selection Highlighting but it works :slight_smile: