Monster Battle (Pokemon-like battle game)

This is M.EXE You can follow the progress here:

M.EXE is a Multiplayer Monster Battle game.

Here is a trailer I made for Steam Greenlight.

Please vote on Steam Greenlight if you are interested in the project.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

HA! This is really cool :smiley:
I love how the camera kind of zooms in on them when they do an action, looks pretty pro.
I’m looking forward to seeing where this is heading! :smiley:

Wow!~ this looks awesome!

This looks like an awesome start. I’m following :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: I like the ring-outs that makes them reset to the middle of the field.

Thanks for the positive feedback! I decided to create a little blog to post some progress. So if anyone wants to follow this project, you can do so here:

Hello , Ive been wanting to make one of these , Im an animator and I work for free so yes im interested and if you need help with animations then please message me

Looks and feels awesome for a prototype!
It kinda reminds me more of Monster Rancher, which is great =D

Hey thank you so much for the offer! At the moment I’m mostly busy with programming and spicing up the battle system. I might need help with animations in the near future once I start making more content(monsters/abilities) for the game. I’ll let you know if that happens.

Thanks to the amazing unreal community, I finally got this game to work online through Steam! :slight_smile: .
Here is a best of 3 that I played vs a friend: - YouTube

Looking great!

Made a trailer for the game which shows a ton of updates since the last build I’ve shown:
Added it to OP.

New trailer for Steam Greenlight:

DOWNLOAD: Single-Player Test Version:
If you want to try the game out.