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This topic was created to help people who have already bought our product or are just thinking about it!
Our projects are of particular quality. We are always ready to help our customers and answer all questions!
Our goal is to make the most custom and unique things to make it convenient for you to use them!

Released projects:
Advanced Menu : Video
Advanced Camera : Video
• Weapon Modifications : Video
•]( Advanced Action RPG with World Map : Video

Unreleased projects:
• Hunting and fishing (Pending Approval) : Forum
• Loot Box (Pending Approval) : Video
• Advanced Ragdoll
• Souls-like fighting
• Quests, inventory and world map
• Dialogue system
• Pet
• Getting damage system
• AI for racings
• Hide And Seek with AI
• Horror game pack
• …

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I am using advanced menu and have a question about multiplayer part. How to get player index or reference for owning player?