Mono for Unreal Engine now that it's open source

Is there anything keeping us from using C# with blueprint calls to allow for a C# on Unreal now that Mono is free and open source? I know there was a push back against the Mono-UE project while it was attempted as a paid version but now that it’s open source is this something that could be supported?

I understand it would only work for blueprint functions, but personally for a C#/C++ developer like myself it would allow me to mostly work in my preferred language of C# and still let me get low level C++ access if I ever needed it. Honestly after dealing with Unity and some crippling bugs it sounds like a dream.

Somebody needs to implement C# for unreal, make plugin do all that hard work, but nobody is willing.

Problem is that anybody who can do this can make anything in C++ also, so those people do not feel reason for doing C#.

Those who could benefit from C# do not know how to do it.

Epic, people well i think they do not want to have 3rd way of programming in unreal. It just increases greatly complexity of unreal, giving really nothing in return. If they made C# they probebly needed 2-3 full time developers to just maintain that.
Epic make money from big game developers, they all can use C++. Indies who could benefit from C# do not create that much income. Only hop is that somebody high in Epic will decide to implement C# because of something.

I somehow agree with how cool C# would be. I am tired of the fact that simple things in blueprints can take 2-3 screens. I also have suspicious feeling that my whole game code would fit on 1 page of C++ code (when all declarations removed etc.). However i love blueprints for how easy it was to learn unreal api (compared to what it could be in C++)…

I don’t see the point of C# in Unreal. It is easy to prototype things in Blueprints, and then just push what is needed performance wise into a C++ class and rebase the Blueprint to extend the new C++ class.