Monitoring UDP port for a Unreal server

We’d like to monitor our Unreal dedicated server to get alerted if it goes down. We have a UDP port monitor, but we need the “string to send” and “string to expect”. Can anyoine that knows the protocol suggest a string to send and string to expect back for a heartbeat?

We posted to Answerhub 6 days ago, but as usual, crickets there…

It seems like this would be a common need to monitor your server to make sure you know before your players do that it is down!

Thank you!

if you use wireshark, you can see the messages back and fourth and the raw bytes of the tcp ip segments (or udp) which would allow you to mimick or copy the exact bytes you need to talk to the unreal server. Other than that you would have to dig into the source code for the exact message requirements unless some one on here has already done the work and is willing to share code