monitoring sales on the markeplace?

I have just had my first item approved and online on the marketplace.
I am very curious about sales… is there a way to know if someone is buying my item!?


There is no way to know yet :confused:

Currently there’s no sales tracking aside from getting your monthly payment statement, but I think they’re working on this.

We definitely need something that shows all kinds of different sales metrics.

Here’s a quick screenshot of TurboSquid’s product stats menu:


I’m sure Epic is taking care of all this though.:cool:

I certainly hope so^

ok, thanks guys!
let’s hope to get some news soon :slight_smile:

It is still not available? Wow :eek:
I hope it will get sorted soon, I love numbers! :smiley:

A content creator dashboard is much needed. Having to wait upwards of 45 days after a sales period before knowing how many units you sold sucks. For instance, my pack was added to the Marketplace on Dec 18. I received the report for the December period on Feb 5.

And from what I understand, you get the report only if you net > $100 for that period (I could be wrong…maybe you still get the report, just not the money). So you might wait the 45 days, and not receive any info. I’m fine with money taking within 45 days of a sales period to reach my account, but it’s the information that I’d love to see on a more regular basis.

Agreed. I’ve asked about this a couple times but never got a real clear answer or timetable. I couldn’t begin full production of follow up content packs until 45+ days after, and even that wasn’t very informative as my first month only lasted 13 days. This should be a priority in my opinion, it has been a while since the marketplace has launched and up to date sales information is integral in developing future content.

Hi guys! Just to let you know, this is a very high priority for us, and I’ve been in and out of meetings about specifically this all week. A seller portal is in the works, and I’ll update the forums with more information on it as soon as I’m able. :slight_smile:

Happy to hear that Jon. Hope it isn’t too far off. =)

We’re doing our best! I’m actually editing the planning doc for it right now. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Any info you might be able to share on whether we will be given the tools to interact with our customers? Such as an emailing list or sending out notifications regarding updates, future content, sales/promos etc.?

Unfortunately I can’t really give any details yet. We’re in discussions with the engineering team that will be building the tools to find out what we’re able to build, how much of the team we’ll have access to for how long, and in what timeframe we can build it.

That’s the tricky part of being in active development and talking to the community: if I talk about a specific feature we’re thinking about developing, but it gets cut or delayed or modified for any reason, it simply looks like we didn’t deliver on something we said we would, and that can upset people. Managing expectations and not overpromising are very important for building trust. So that’s why I can’t go into detail at times, even though I usually want to talk about it as much as you want to hear it. :slight_smile:

In fact, the most likely explanation for something like that happening is that it could still be in testing, or that a different feature popped up that we wanted to really polish up, or that we’d chosen to address that feature later so we can get this out the door and in your hands sooner. What I can say is that we do read everything you guys are requesting, we know how important this is to you, and that we’re always doing the best we can to deliver something useful and helpful for the community.

Cool, I understand how it is. At any rate I just wanted to throw those ideas your way. Looking forward to hearing more when you’re ready. =)

Thanks for the quick reply, Mr. Jones.