Monitor for modeling, rendering and gaming stuff

Hello everyone, I am using a old hp w185 monitor for the past 6 years and now it’s time to upgrade the monitor… I will be doing lot of 3d modeling for architectural visualization and for games, level designing, real time architectural visualization using unreal engine and other game engines, compositing and editing in photoshop and after effects, which monitor should i go for? Size is important me for at least 24 inch but 27 inch would be great I also play a lot of games. I will be buying it along with a graphic card gtx 970 4gb. My current build is i7 4770k, intel motherboard, AMD 4600 series graphics card (Very old but still works good for 3d modeling & rendering not good for UE4) 16gb vengeance RAM. Please suggest me a good monitor for these purposes :slight_smile:


I use the ASUS VX248H. It is a 24" 1080p monitor with a 1ms response time and a 60HZ refresh rate. I absolutely love it. I’ve also heard that the ASUS VG248QE was pretty good one as well. Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

Hey KoldKam thanks for the suggestion, Is it ok to go for a 60hz monitor? Will it show only 60fps when i work in UE4?

I recommend the following 27" monitor, perfect for gaming and color work:

hey sonkim thanks for reply. That’s monitor is very expensive and i don’t think so it is available here in my country… Any idea about Benq GW2760HS and BenQ RL2755HM? They both run at 60hz. My biggest confusion is does 60hz means that i will not able to see things in UE4 more than 60fps? Am i locked at using 60fps for UE4?

It is relevant if you want to use VSync, then you’re locked with your maximum refresh rate. VSync is used to avoid vertical tearing of your image, but it has it’s downsides which currently can only be countered by adaptive VSync (not that great) or GSync (much better, but requires specific monitors).

If you say the above mentioned Acer is too expensive, what is your price target? Because usually, good representation of colors as well as good calibration AND great response times for games are things that don’t match up very well with flatscreens. Not even if you spent a lot of money. The Acer actually is good in both territories. And also it’s a GSync monitor, which might become in handy.

Yes, 60hz means you won’t be able to see anything more than 60fps.

I’ve got a 144hz monitor which is very nice for 3D work (viewports are super smooth), though it’s not essential or anything, it’s just nice to have something like 120hz or whatever. The vast majority of monitors are 60hz.
Also, there’s a question of color accuracy, Dell makes some nice monitors that have very accurate color reproduction, which an be important for developing graphics.

BenQ XL2430T, great 27’ monitor for gaming

You can also read some professional reviews for more help