Monica's apartment from friends in UE4

This is a project i was working on this semester of university along side other units. It is not completely accurate or to scale but i enjoyed the way it turned out :slight_smile:

It looks really good my man! The lighting is pretty believable and the atmosphere is top notch! It looks like it came straight off the show.

thanx a lot man…poured my heart and soul into it :’)

Nice work! =)

Hahha this is crazy! It looks great! I’m not even a huge fan of Friends but I had to watch the whole video through. I wonder if you could make a 3D video? Youtube has that feature now, and you can scroll through a room while the video plays. Is Seinfeld next? :slight_smile:

Texturing with Decals

Some of the texture work i did was through decals. More specifically all the dirt. Just wanted to get a second opinion if you guys think this was a good way to go about doing it or should i straight up have just put the detail on the texture maps of the assets.




Hmm. As far as I remember Monica was obsessed with cleanliness - that stove doesn’t look like it belongs to her :smiley:

Looks great! Placing dirt as decals should be good for modularity and re-usability of assets. As far as I remember there were some progress on getting volumetric decals into UE4.