Money in members Epic accounts should be held as Bitcoin .

I see I got a some money sitting in my Unreal account. I know I cant withdraw. I have to use it to buy Epic store stuff. So I was wondering could Epic at least convert it to BTC Bitcoin rather than have it sit there as USD. I would imagine both Epic and the Member could both benefit from this.

What do you think, can epic management green light this idea ?

What fork / branch of Bitcoin would you like Sir…
Which day’s volatility would you prefer too??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it should be in Gil.

Just out of curiosity. What benefits are you referring to when you say both Epic and members would benefit?

The benefit would be all those small amounts of USD held in the EPIC vault would now be BTC.

Crypto currencies are a speculative market, but Bitcoin has been going from strength to strength and many believe it could be worth $100k in 5 years. So with that little bit of background info it would be fun to see a 2400% increase. If the member was to opt in by giving consent. Then that pool of money could potentially be worth a lot in five. Its just a thought.
I track and invest in BTC its been a fun ride this year.

BTW There are some that say it could be worth 1mil in 5 years.

There’s no way I want my credit held in an unaccountable and highly volatile cryptocurrency.