Moms Hurt - Casual FP Horror Survival

Project Title:
Moms Hurt

The player begins the game waking up from a bad dream inside a house which is part of a small town. Through exploration of the home and surrounding environments the story of the game unfolds. Their goal is to simply survive as long as possible within the world gathering food, supplies and making sure you get enough sleep while, at night, avoid the banshee that roams the streets.
Truthfully I feel confident enough I can develop the entire game on my own however I do have a career that needs participation and a mortgage that benefits from the participation. I am open to 2 methods of compensation of course it all depends on skill level and delivery time. Either we can negotiate a per asset / milestone agreement (feature, character, model, animation, etc), or royalties upon launch. I plan on launching the game within a 2 month time frame. The first month dedicated to getting the bare bones of the level and all the programming mechanics down becoming our alpha stage. During this stage will be when I need a programmer and level designer the most. The second month would conclude the alpha point and introduce all the fun trial and error testing while refining the end product. This is when I will need the artists the most.
At the moment we have 65% of the game world completed, interaction system, flashlight system with charging, unlock doors with keys, turn lights on/off.

Unnerving atmosphere.
First person view point.
Ambiguous story

Open World Survival (hunger/sleep)
NPC interaction with branching dialogue trees
Semi-Realtime Day/Night Seasons weather system
Smart Phone Driven UI

**Company: **
Mobfolios Designs Inc
DBA/Boss Game Studios

Team Structure:
Anthony Zancocchio - Designer / Project Lead
Project Managment, Creative Consultant - 5 years.

Taylor Mcgimpsy - Writer
Screen-playwright - 2 years.

Previous Work:
None regarding the video games industry however I (Anthony) have consulted on and worked as project lead for many multimedia IP from concept to completion. Also I have a broad range of relative skill sets and software that can make any project happen.

What still needs to be done:

  • Smart Phone UI
  • Hunger / Sleep System
  • Enemy Wander / Chasing AI
  • NPC Dialogue Trees (most of this is already written just a matter of converting it to data)
  • Decorating houses (food, knick knacks)
  • Build Town - School, PD, Cafe, Store, etc
  • NPC Behavior trees driven by TOD (sleep at night, work, hangout, school, activity during day)

Talent Required:
Ability to design and implement game systems and make existing systems resource efficient.
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.

***Level designer / Environment Artist ***
Able to work with current assets and place items around the level
Expected to create additional props & hard surfaces for use.
Texture experience a plus as well

3D Character Artist
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.
I have software, animation assets and a production pipeline to make this an easy process just a matter of outside input.

Coming Soon